Our ancestors introduced millets into our lifes. Now we want to make millet snacks and products for everyone with the same love, care and sincerity they showed in their cooking. 

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You can travel farther on the accomplishments of those who came before you. There is an undocumented history available in abundance, if you are willing to connect back to those who possess that library of information. We want to connect technology and innovation to the existing practices available on healthy and sustainable food.

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Thenkahalli is our home. That is our origin. Our love for millet and our understanding of its value originates from here. That is where we make our fine products, and that is where we grow our ideas. 

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Made with love. and millets.

No wheat, No rice, No gluten, No trans-fat. No added preservatives. Around half the sugar as contained in your healthiest biscuit.

Sustainable all the way.

We are working on taking control along all the procurement, production, and supply chain. We aim to represent conscious foods manufacturing and a sustainable and healthy community.

Our life's work

make good and healthy food available for everyone. Not just today, and not just in the coming years, but for generations to come.