The history of OrgTree is the story of one family who grew up on millet nutrition. Our ancestors introduced millets into our lifestyle.

We kept the millet world of traditions alive for our children. For many others, with the time, the wheat and rice took over the dinner tables that so many children never tasted millets and didn't see the grains growing at the fields.

Now we want to make the millet food for everyone with the same love, care and sincere cause on the path of natural nutrition. Learn how OrgTree got inspired by one family of different talents and passions to insure we leave a world for our children that would make our grandparents proud.

We want everyone to be healthy and live to be a hundred years old. This is why we are fully committed to make our food both tasty and healthy.

Millets are full of vitamins and  protein, they have no gluten  and eating them helps to inhibit the oxidants in our bodies. They are also a brilliant grain to produce. They grow in almost any condition, in fairly infertile soil, and use very little water. There is a reason our forefathers decided to stick to millets when irrigation was hyperlocal. We want to bring that back now. With our line of products, we hope to take away the guilt from everyday snacking.
Millets are delicious.
We use two kind of millets for our products: kodo and little millet. Both of them grow in the surrounding region and we can keep our resources as local as possible. But not just that: we also use just natural raw ingredients to add to the the flavor and texture of the final product. In simple words,
we want millets to become a part of everyone’s lives.