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Our root and origin

The Story Of One Of One Hundred & Eighty Families

Our ancestors introduced millets into our lives. We always consumed millet in different form and we loved it. Now we want to make high-quality millet snacks and products for everyone with the same love, care and sincerity they showed in their cooking.

Small Seeds Make Big Trees

You can travel farther on the accomplishments of those who came before you. There is an undocumented history available in abundance, if you are willing to connect back to those who possess that library of information. We want to connect technology and innovation to the existing practices available on healthy food and sustainability.

Stand On History and Look Forward

Thenkahalli is our home, located in Mandya, Karnataka. That is our origin. Our love for millet and our understanding of its value originates from here. That is where we make our fine products, and that is where we grow our ideas. Produced by the farmers in ready-to-consume form.

Our core facets

What forms Orgtree


Millets were a staple food in most parts of India with a history of 3000 years. Despite their high nutritional value, they were dominated by rice and wheat. Millets are much easier to grow and are a sustainable crop. One of Orgtree’s core vision is to create products with millets and bring back its nutrition to everyone with interesting products.


Orgtree is Farmer’s Company. The manufacturing facility is in the place where Millets are grown. Farmers are a core part of the company involving from the crop production to millet based snack production. We have a big community of farmers working to create high-quality millet based snack.


Health of consumers is utmost important. In every product we make, OrgTree takes utmost care to use healthy, natural ingredients. The snack being consumed by the urban population is unhealthy. It is OrgTree’s goal to bring out healthy snack alternatives that consumers will not regret after having.


Sustainability at its core is Orgtree’s motive in all its endeavors. We believe in creating wonderful products that in no way disrupt the ecological balance but rather contribute to it. What we have learned from our farming community to respect nature and give back to it, this is reflected in all aspects till creation of end products.


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Kiru is our brand that imbibes all these values.

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